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  •  I think these may be the type of liberals... (4+ / 0-)

    ...who become conservative as they get older.
    I have a fried who was a 60's liberal who now votes exclusively Republican.  He is a hard working, intelligent, kind and generous person when it comes to friends and family.  For the most part he agrees that Bush is an idiot, Iraq is a disaster, health care needs reform, etc.  He isn't swayed by cultural or religious or "democrats are weak on security" arguments.  
    One issue overrides all else, TAXES.  No argument can dissuade him from the cold simple calculus of money.  He isn't mega-rich, but certainly falls into a bracket that would pay more under any Democrat  sponsored budget.
    The good news is that he is very tuned in to politics and has been predicting election results pretty accurately in the ten years I've known him.
    His prediction for November?  Speaking for his beloved tax cutting Republicans he says,  "We're going to get creamed."

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