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View Diary: Obama supporters: the antithesis of Barack Obama (196 comments)

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  •  they shouldn't use insulting arguments (0+ / 0-)

    I know a Hillary supporter that constantly uses the phrase "Clinton Derangement Syndrome" to denigrate Obama supporters.  I really have no problem with the fact that this person wants a woman to be president.  I'm just tired of the stupid arguments that you should only count popular votes, or votes when only Clinton was on the ballot, or Delegates that weren't chosen by Caucus.  I have been happy over the last week or so to simply ignore everything the Clintons have done.

    I certainly don't oppose HRC because she's a Clinton.  Like many people on this site, I still defend her against unfair attacks from the nonsensical lying sacks of shit that make up the Republican noise machine.  And I'll vote to hide any unfair or sexist attacks on her here.  But I can no longer say I'd be happy to support her in any election, not after the way she's run this campaign.

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