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View Diary: Oregon is pretty darn white, and not so rich (236 comments)

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  •  I was about to mention that (0+ / 0-)

    Obama had amazing crowds in New Hampshire.

    I think that the crowd doesn't prove that Obama WILL win working class white votes.  But it does prove he CAN.  It gives the lie to the idea that the Democratic electorate is so bitterly divided that Obama will lose a lot of HRC votes in November.  

    He's got a great chance to win them over.  But he needs to get the job done.  When he tells people "a gas tax holiday is just a gimmick", he has to have something better to offer.  

    If you tell people you think they're just out of luck, they'll buy a lottery ticket from somebody, however unlikely, rather than just lamenting their fate.  Give them something better.  

    (To be clear, I think Barack has a lot to offer to working class white voters.  He needs to figure out a way to communicate it.  And we need to keep criticizing media who focus on the "working class problem" rather than talking about the things in Barack's platform that appeal to working class voters.

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