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  •  Threaten to impeach Mukasey; that's the next step (6+ / 0-)

    "So what do you do if you're subpoenaing people in an investigation of how the White House gave direct political marching orders for selective prosecutions to the U.S. Attorneys, and your witnesses from the White House aren't showing up, and they're not being prosecuted either, because the U.S. Attorneys are being ordered -- essentially by the witesses themselves -- not to press the cases?"

    Well, since this comes through the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, you threaten to impeach Mukasey for failing to do his goddamn job, upholding the Constitution and enforcing the law of the land.

    And then, if that (*threatening* to impeach Mukasey) doesn't produce the desired result, you start impeachment hearings for Mukasey. That's the next logical step.

    And be prepared for others.

    Since Bush said "We're not leaving [Iraq] while I'm the president," that means you're either for years of more war or you're for impeachment. Your choice.

    by Christopher on Wed May 21, 2008 at 06:14:18 PM PDT

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