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  •  They pelosied their responsibilites (2+ / 0-)
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    rlochow, MikeTheLiberal

    Impeachment is the cure. History will blame this Congress for putting impeachment off the table. The precedents set by this administration will come back to haunt us and our posterity, and Pelosi and Reid will be held accountable  and shameful forever. Don't blame the Republicans -- after all, the Constitution gave us the remedy for their crimes -- blame the Democrats who put measly political considerations ahead of their historic and lawful constitutional duty. Pelosi and Reid will surpass Neville Chamberlain in cowardly infamy, as having been the miserable rat finks who lost 800 years of basic rights for all of us and our descendants, beginning with habeus corpus and continuing on down the list. "To pelosi" will become a verb, meaning cowardly avoidance, as in "he pelosied his responsibilities" and "she pelosied her chances."

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