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View Diary: Gambia: President plans to kill all homosexuals (395 comments)

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    We can't go around judging third-world cultures.

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      This idea that we can't judge other cultures reeks of "political correctness", imho.

      The genocide in Rwanda was in part cultural. The destruction of the gigantic Buddhist sculptures by the Taliban was cultural. The slaughter in the Balkans. The list can go on and on.

      When a culture practices genital mutilation on baby girls, extermination of gay people, repression of women, animal cruelty/extermination and destruction of artwork that is part of the World heritage, do we just shrug them off because we're not allowed to criticize other cultures? Because we need to "celebrate [this] diversity"?

      Where do we draw the line between outrages against humanity and cultural differences that just happen to horribly oppress or kill its adherents?

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