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View Diary: Gambia: President plans to kill all homosexuals (395 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the link (6+ / 0-)

    I mention the consular information sheet, which is meant to warn U.S. citizens about potential threats when traveling abroad. In my opinion, the State Department should IMMEDIATELY issue a travel warning for Gambia.

    •  Never happen, sadly. (4+ / 0-)

      Seeing as the US government typically does not put any info at all in consular advisories on whether a particular country is likely to be dangerous or not for LGBT people...don't look for it to happen, seriously.

      Jamaica, which has quite a reputation for extrajudicial killings and official hostile treatment of LGBT people (including being gay being illegal), is a good example; both the UK and Canadian travel advisories warn about the incredibly hostile climate towards LGBT people in the country, but the US travel advisory only has a tiny blurb on how sodomy laws have been "occasionally" used to target LGBT people (and nothing about how people have been beaten for merely being thought to be gay, or that there are specific laws against LGBT people, or that it is not uncommon for gay people to be killed and with tactic approval by Jamaican authorities).

      Just about the only countries the US State Department remotely warns people about the risk of LGBT people being killed in are Islamic theocracies--and even the warning for Saudi Arabia (one of a few countries, along with Iran and now Gambia, where you can literally be executed for being LGBT on an official basis) mostly gives a tiny blurb about this, whereas Canadian and British travel advisories are a bit more clear on the risks.  

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