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View Diary: Gambia: President plans to kill all homosexuals (395 comments)

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    Cassandra Waites

    There's been a lot of us very concerned about that whole situation--glad to see Mr. Kazemi is at least going to be allowed to stay for now, but the whole situation needs to be fixed where LGBT people can use this as a valid asylum claim.

    (Probably one reason the US is reluctant to allow this--among other things, theoretically a US citizen who is at threat of being sent to a "degaying" facility may try to claim asylum in a third country.  In the cases where kids were sent to WWASPS facilities in Mexico and Costa Rica that were eventually shut down by those governments, kids who were repatriated to their parents were often sent right back overseas to OTHER WWASPS facilities (often the horrid Tranquility Bay facility in Jamaica); seeing as "alternative sentencing" to things like Teen Challenge (which made a lot of its business by promoting "degaying" and is one of the largest groups in the US offering "reparative therapy"/"degaying" on an inpatient basis) is becoming more common, there's always a possibility that even someone in the US could well plead for asylum as a result of being sent to such a facility.

    (In addition, it's already been established in the US itself in some jurisdictions that parents threatening to send kids to "degaying" facilities can be a reason for legal emancipation--and there are documented cases where parents have tried to interfere with emancipation proceedings of this sort.  If the US accepts people for asylum on the basis they could be harmed for being gay, it makes it a lot harder for the State Department to justify kids being sent overseas to abusive "degaying" facilities or even tolerating the operation of unlicensed facilities like Teen Challenge as "alternative sentencing".)

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