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  •  Zing! (4.00)
    man you're a fucking genius, this is just what I needed after spending a day arguing with Democrats at a street fair that Kerry doesn't have a plan for Iraq.


    I know god damned well Kerry's plan for Iraq won't include people who put their resumes on the heritage foundations website.

    who in the what now?

    by slapshot57 on Sun Sep 19, 2004 at 10:25:05 PM PDT

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    •  This is bugging me too! (4.00)
      This whole sudden demand from Kerry for a plan for Iraq.


      BUSH is president, folks! He got us there!

      If I were Kerry, I'd just say: I have NO idea RIGHT NOW about what we can do in Iraq. I do not have daily intelligence briefings, like the president does. I do not have daily contact with the generals on the ground there as the president (in theory) should. If President Bush would like me to sit on in ALL briefings, conversations and reports about the day-to-day combat operations, intelligence contacts and budgets pertaining to the war, I'd love to offer my patriotic opinion on what would be best for this country.

      But until then ... this is BUSH's fucking war, not mine!

      •  Kerry Said Just This on Imus (4.00)
        Don, Why don't you ask Bush what his plan is for IRaq?  He's the president.

        And Kerry said exactly what you said to explain his actions.

        He said his plan on how to get out would change as the situation was changing rapidly(think deteriorating), but that he would have all soldiers home by the end of his first term.

        And Don said all over everywhere that Kerry had not been clear and was all over the place.

        And then Bush quoted Don (without attributing the quote, other than as a television host) and got air time all over the place.

        I'm glad Kerry is going on Regis and Letterman.  At least he will be seen by a large swath of the public on those shows.

        But the author of this diary is right.  ANd if Kerry is not getting the right media coverage, we have to make up for it:
                We will fight them in the streets.
                We will fight them at the water cooler.
                We will fight them at the PTA.
                We will canvass door to door.
        We will never surrender.

    •  joe biden had a great answer... (none)
      to "what's kerry's Iraq plan?" he was answering that question on one of the sunday morning shows [forget which, i was flipping around].

      he said, and i'm paraphrasing here.... "john kerry should say, when asked for his plan, 'the situation in Iraq is getting worse everyday. tell me what i'm facing on january 21st and i then i'll tell you the plan.' "

      right to the point, i think.

      •  Yes, yes! (none)
        You beat me to it.  I was going to say that Biden nailed it on Face the Nation last Sunday (9/12 I believe).  And I don't even like Biden, but he put it in a nutshell when he said basically (paraphrase):

         Under Bush, there's no chance we can fix this, with Kerry the possibility exists that we can take a different direction and do better.  The window is closing on that possibility, and it does depend upon what Bush does in the near future, but at least there's hope.

        That may not move mountains, but it starts a few pebbles rolling down the hills.

        Kerry would be crazy (not only for political reasons, but also for policy ones) to present "a plan" right now, as kiw points out.  If he does, then he is sacrificing sensible policy for politics and that's really not what's needed now (we already have an administration that does that).

        He needs to explain the common sense logic that in volitile situations, one doesn't speak in public when one isn't empowered to do things: shows an understanding of the precarious nature of the situation AND a respect for democracy and its legitimation processes. But it also instills the possibility of change, that a new direction can be found and followed, something that can only be put into practice by a new Administration, one who's hands are not quite so sullied in the eyes of the rest of the world.

        "Consult the genius of the place in all things" - Alexander Pope

        by a gilas girl on Mon Sep 20, 2004 at 07:01:49 AM PDT

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        •  yes, yes, too! (none)
          you outline the difficulty of being a challenger in terms of what to say/not to say.... just perfectly. what i liked so much about joe biden's line is that it nicely balances truth, criticism and put down. it manages to say that things are getting steadily worse in Iraq... plus, it's a good response to avoid being pinned down on specifics about a volatile situation.

          best of all, it's soundbite size.

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