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  •  My defence of Kerry is... (4.00)
    ...that he wanted to make sure and that he knew how HE would haqve handled the same authority.

    You knew.

    You're brilliant.



    (And last I looked... 23 senators is not close to a majority.)

    Want to beat Bush... it's the LIES, stupid.

    by JeffLieber on Sun Sep 19, 2004 at 10:50:34 PM PDT

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    •  A whole lot of people (4.00)
      knew Bush was determined to go to war regardless, and that this authorization was just an easy way for dems to take the issue off the table in the next election.  A whole lot of people knew Bush wasn't serious about inspections.  I understand the talking point here, but we're generally ALL Kerry people on this site, and it's lame as hell to substitute a talking point for the truth.  I fully expect--I DEMAND--that Kerry say whatever it takes to win, but we aren't writing script for the party.  I support Kerry because of the next two or three Supreme Court appointees, and because I can't hold him accountable for his war vote at the same time I'm holding Bush accountable.
      •  kerry was covering his ass (4.00)
        he was already planning to run for president and he knows that you cant be electable if you stand between the US and  it's All Consuming Need to Kill Non- White Non -Christians...

        sorry, simple and cynical on his part and mine.

        fuck the koolaide and remember that  in Jonestown most were Forced to drink... No one should be happy about  silencing rational thought...

        as far as what happens if Kerry loses i think honestly someone should be thinking about it...  and i think that someone is Howard Dean!!

        •  A Stupid CYA (none)
          Look, if the Iraq war went the way the neocons wanted -- WMD's found (or persuasively fabricated), ties to AQ found (or persuasively fabricated), democracy or at least stability installed afterwards -- then Bush was gonna win no matter what.  Voting to support Bush's glorious victory would have been meaningless.  The only viable scenario for a Dem victory in 2004 involved Bush's Iraq war going badly.  The CYA vote would have been against the war, not for it.

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