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  •  Nope... (none)
    ...but now that we're clear, I'm sure you'll feel free not to read me and I won't waste either of our time not taking "yes" for an answer.

    Thank you for your vote.

    I mean that without any irony.

    Want to beat Bush... it's the LIES, stupid.

    by JeffLieber on Sun Sep 19, 2004 at 11:16:59 PM PDT

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    •  hole your shutting pie fuck? (none)
      I'm surprised you thought he/she might not be for Kerry.  In general, this is really the wrong site to search for Bush or Nader supporters.  

      The 2000 Bush supporters that I have been able to bring over into the light -- didn't come over because I convinced then that JFK was god.  They saw my points because I was able to have a rational discussion with them.  

      Overbearing emotional people unwilling to say a bad word about Kerry just aren't very convincing when they go canvassing or phonebanking for Kerry.  Enthusiastic supporters can also easily be "spun" into "people coming from out of state to tell you how to vote" -- just ask Dean.  If the election was won on emotion -- Dean would have destroyed everyone in the primaries and Bush would have wilted under all of the hate back in 2003.  

      We have to play hard and smart.  Use locals when you can -- and use tested debate tactics geared for your audience.  Concede the small things -- He's tall.  He's sort of wrinkly.  He's pretty ambitious, wanting to be President and all.  Kill on the major issues.  He didn't take us to Iraq by lying to us.  He wasn't president when your city lost that manufacturing plant.  He didn't say outsourcing was a good thing.  His budget is much more realistic.  Neither candidate is going to force your pastor to marry gay people, sign an anti-gay marriage ammendment, or try to pry that rifle (you're aiming at me through security door) out of your cold dead hands.  

      I think I agreed with your points.  I would never concede on a major policy issue that Kerry was in the wrong, and this Iraq war flip-flop nonsense about "Kerry's 8 or 9 positions" is tired bullshit.  Kerry's position on the war has been clear and you nailed it.  [Personally, I didn't agree that our president had made a convincing argument for the powers that he was given. But I think Kerry believes in a fundamentally powerful president and his decision was based more on that -- than whether or not the 40 tons of 20 year old agar plates (that Sadaam had not have accounted for) could have miraculously outlasted their expiration dates by 18 years. ]

      I sincerely hope your ass kicking gets people to donate money to the DNC and Kos dozen -- and just as fervently hope that certain of your commenters stay the hell away from my inlaws in Nevada who are so precariously on the edge of switching back to Bush.  

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