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    Maybe we didn't know he wasn't a threat then, but we did know he wasn't much of a threat. We knew for sure (except for the overly paranoid) that he had no functional nuclear weapons program. We knew that even if he had a chemical or biological weapons program that it was very very underground and not amazingly effective. And we knew that chemical and biological weapons are very very hard to make effective (though they do make great boogey monsters).

    We also knew that Saddam had no direct relationship with terrorists groups and indeed reason to believe the reverse. Iraq was never a threat to U.S. security, even indirectly, and thus there was no reason to attack or even to sabre-rattle more than a tiny bit.

    At this stage there's no longer any point bitching about Kerry's decision, because it's impossible to change. And sure there are arguments that can be used to suggest that it wasn't that bad. But claiming that someone saying 'we should have known' is remaking history is just wrong. It was pretty damn cut and dried that there was no clear and present danger. Enough so that congress setting aside any moral or real authority they may have had to prevent things escalating was just silly.

    I mean fuck it, if I knew this, surely they should have. And given history has proven me (and a lot of people on this site) correct, accusing us of rewriting history is unfair.

    [sigh] This has probably come out stronger than I intended, so my apologies if it causes offence, especially as I enjoyed the original post.

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