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  •  The enlightenment just keeps on coming (3.33)
    We obviously have a failure to communicate. I could care less about the ratings. I'm still trying to figure out why I should care if somebody who disagrees with me also gives me a low rating. Is that even meaner than calling me really bad names? I don't get it.
    •  Why are you doing this (4.00)
      First of all, it's "couldn't care less" not "could care less". That one always bugs me.

      Secondly, what the heck is your goal with all of this bitching? I mean, ok, you have established that you march to a different drummer, are against rallying around the flag, etc. Does that mean that you have an alternative?

      I support the idea of focusing on winning. I agree with the observations that JeffLeiber is making. We need to stay "on message" and we need to adopt a clear strategy to help us win. 2nd guessing and whining are a luxury we can't afford right now.

      Do you really question any of that? Or are you really just trolling? You sure are acting like a troll as far as I can tell.

      "9-11 wasn't a triumph of the human spirit, it was a f-ck up by a guy on vacation." -- "New Rules" by Bill Maher

      by wunderwood on Sun Sep 19, 2004 at 11:37:15 PM PDT

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      •  Who's the troll? (1.57)
        Who's on first? Am I bitching about whining or whining about bitching? Does a troll rating from a troll translate into a positive rating? Like the theory of negative integers? Yeah baby! Gimme some more love.

        The only reason I'm still here is to figure out this juvenile rating system so I can go back to ignoring it.

    •  What rating?! (none)
      As I pointed out to you ten posts ago, the rating you referred to didn't exist!

      And you're a fine one to say you don't care about ratings when you brought them up in the first place!

      •  I'm just trying to figure the damn things out (2.20)
        I'm checking these things out for the first time. Why do so many of the posts show none/1 when you gave them a four?
        •  short and sweet (none)
          in case you really want to know:

          It takes two to make a rating go right. That means that a comment that is rated by only one person doesn't count for or against their mojo. At least 2 people have to rate a comment before the ratings take effect. 'none/1' means one person has rated the comment, and the comment still has a rating of 'none' because of that.

          The rating shown is the average rating for the comment, followed by the number of people who have rated. So 4.00/4 means 4 people have rated the comment '4'. 3.50/2 means one person has rated it '4' and one person rated it '3', and so on.

          In order to see who has rated a comment, you have to click on the rating. So when you see a link on a comment that says '2.50/2', click on it. Then you will see a list, like:

          Random User   4
          AnotherRandom 3
          DriveBy       1


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