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  •  Kerry Said Just This on Imus (4.00)
    Don, Why don't you ask Bush what his plan is for IRaq?  He's the president.

    And Kerry said exactly what you said to explain his actions.

    He said his plan on how to get out would change as the situation was changing rapidly(think deteriorating), but that he would have all soldiers home by the end of his first term.

    And Don said all over everywhere that Kerry had not been clear and was all over the place.

    And then Bush quoted Don (without attributing the quote, other than as a television host) and got air time all over the place.

    I'm glad Kerry is going on Regis and Letterman.  At least he will be seen by a large swath of the public on those shows.

    But the author of this diary is right.  ANd if Kerry is not getting the right media coverage, we have to make up for it:
            We will fight them in the streets.
            We will fight them at the water cooler.
            We will fight them at the PTA.
            We will canvass door to door.
    We will never surrender.

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