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  •  well, I agree (none)
    I agree with all of that, but the person was implying that Iraq 'proactively' (or something) destroyed their systems and programs in 1992, and that is false. Yes, whatever of them remained was deteriorating and ineffective and unthreatening by that point, but that impression of a good-willed fulfillment of their obligations is untrue. You may recall, as I do, the weapon inspectors blowing up leftover stockpiles in 1997 after defectors revealed their presence in 1996. Here's a quick example from the report:

    52. In the period from August to October 1997, UNSCOM supervised the destruction of 325 pieces of newly identified production equipment, 125 pieces of analytical instruments and 275 tons of precursor chemicals.

    Again, bear in mind that I did not support the 2003 Iraq War and wouldn't have. For that matter, I didn't even support the 1991 Gulf War then or in hindsight, but that's another issue.. Finally, I don't support the juvenile "weapons of mass destruction" Bush rhetoric or its shorthand "WMD" in the course of referring to non-conventional arms. =)

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