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View Diary: Shut Your Fucking Pie-Hole... (381 comments)

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  •  Here or "out there" (none)
    Get this through your head: You are not a fucking chief. You are an indian. You are not the fucking queen bee. You are a drone.

    Now get out there and do your fucking job.

    On dKos, only Kos is the "Chief" and he's a benevolent dictator (very laissez-faire).

    "Out there," you are right, we are Indians.

    On dKos no one coerces me as to what to do or say. And I have no coercive influence. "Out there" I fall in line and do as I'm told for the campaign.

    Methinks that many are confusing "dKos" with "out there," (although understandable as the line may be becoming blurier).

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