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View Diary: Shut Your Fucking Pie-Hole... (381 comments)

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  •  Im not so sure (none)
    that this diary was an attempt at humor, ala Theoria's "WYFP". I don't think it's an attempt at censorship either. I just don't understand it.

    I certainly don't understand how this could be a daily diary. How many different ways can you tell people to suck it up?

    •  That's because (none)
      you have no sense of subtlety.

      Maybe you'll get one some day.

      •  lolololo (none)
        What a funny joke, man, calling people stupid and suggesting that we're throwing away the election by having honest disagreements on an internet forum is the height of comedy. It's so subtle, and divine.

        I feel quite the fool for falling for this very very funny joke, and failing to see how absolutely hilarious it is. I thank God above that we have people like you to explain to everyone exactly how funny this diary is, and how poorly developed our senses of humor are, because without that, Kerry might lose or something.

        The diary is self-important, bombastic, and contentless. Unless the entire idea was to get people talking about the subject, which is converse to the proposed aims. If that is the case, the original poster is a troll, and I will adjust my ratings accordingly.

        FYI, humor being a subjective matter, I feel compelled to point out that you missed the stunningly hilarious point of the person who called you a whore up above. If only you had the scinitillating insite to understand that clever form of dialogue. Ah well, perhaps someday.

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