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    John Kerry has had a steadfast position--the right position--on Iraq from the beginning.

    For me to believe that, I would have to believe that my own two Senators, who voted against the IWR, were wrong.  I don't.  I would have to believe especially that my Senator Levin endangered our Republic by voting NOT to give this sorry ass excuse for a president the authority to wage war on his word alone.  I don't.  

    My Senators Levin and Stabenow, and the other 21 Senators who voted against the IWR, weren't wrong.  They were heroes.  As were the millions who marched around the globe in "focus groups" trying to stop this catastrophe.  The facts bear us out.

    Kerry cast the wrong vote.  Hey, I can live with it.  Politically, it's not even a bad position, as it is where most of the electorate is  - for the war in the beginning but against it now.  (BTW, PLEASE drop the pretense of any distinction at all between the IWR and the ensuing war.) I can even understand it in the context of the timing of the vote - Kerry couldn't run for the presidency looking like a wuss, after all.  And yes, I know, we would never have been in this catastrophe under a President Kerry (and hence my support for his candidacy).

    But you should be thanking the deity of your choice that the anti-Iraq war people (note I did not say "pacifists") are as bright as they are and, thus, are supporting Kerry.  Imagine if they'd held fast to what they were calling for at the 'focus groups' - "Don't vote for any politician of any party who authorized this war. In fact, work actively to defeat them."

    Are you really interested in keeping this creaky coalition together?  Then don't piss on our heads and tell us it's raining.  Don't confuse our closing of ranks with a willingness to swallow bullshit, or for an opportunity to advance your own positions.

    If you wish to argue that Kerry was right on Iraq all along and those that disagree are idiots, you would do well to "shut your fucking pie hole" and be grateful for the coalition we have cobbled together for this election.  It could have been very, very ugly - millions of dollars and millions of potential voters less than the prospects we face right now.

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      So the right vote on the authorization bill may than have been debatable.  I side with Kerry's strong case than any President should have been given the authority to threaten force, and I don't blame him for not realizing just how far George Bush would go to break his promise.  That issue is a bit up in the air, though.

      But my main point was that Kerry's position has been steadfast.  People may disagree and think he shouldn't have voted for the authorization bill, but the important fact, and the one that people can't be forgiven for forgetting, is that it wasn't synonymous with a vote to go to war.  Kerry's position has been steady, if complex.  That's the message we need to be putting out; and, for the best chance to defeat Bush, we need to put out the message that it was the right position, even if some of us think he should have foreseen Bush's treachery and voted against the authority.

      •  THAT was where I started this whole thing. (none)
        Like or dislike his position, the waffle concept is one created by the GOP by using pieces of various statements out of context.

        Kerry voted to give George Bush a big stick.

        His fatal flaw was trusting that many with ANY authority, not changing opinions along the way.

        Want to beat Bush... it's the LIES, stupid.

        by JeffLieber on Tue Sep 21, 2004 at 04:22:31 PM PDT

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