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  •  Lakoff = A Smarter Dem Version of Luntz (4.00)
    A few weeks ago he was interviewed on NOW with Bill Moyers.  He lifts the veil on how easy it is to win the debate, using the power and impact of the proper words and phrases, and how the Dems can outFoxx the thugs.

    If the Dems have hired him, then they've made progress.

    Read Transcript Here

    See the 19 min Segment using Real Player

    For Dial up users, click here and under photo on left side.

    •  One problem - Repubs are good at calling (3.50)
      out the tactics in the press, and getting it covered. (Forget that they use the same tactics, and our attempts to call them on it do not get covered, cf. SBVFT vs CBS Memos)

      I'm sure the Repubs already have a response crafted, something like: The Dems think they can help the country if they just pick the right label for a policy.  Well policies are more than labels....yada yada.

      We've gotta think 2 steps ahead, not just respond in kind, or we're always playing catch-up, and the repubs keep their advantage.

      America began begins with freedom from King George's empire.

      by bribri on Mon Sep 20, 2004 at 01:12:38 AM PDT

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      •  edwards debate (none)
        good morning everybody.  there's snow on the foothills up here.
        i know that kerry and edwards will be getting advice form everybody and his aunt, but i hope that edwards is playing over and over the tape of the the lieberman/cheney debate last cycle and noting cheney's talent for framing the topics like alice's crocodile who 'welcomes little fishes in with gently smiling jaws'. the spectacle of those two cynical old whores cosily licking each other's backsides was sickening and in fact lost the election for that decent man gore (don't ever forget!!!)in 2000.
        cheney will try to lure edwards into a discussion of foreign policy.  edwards, don't go there.  it is no part of the vice-president's job to set policy for the nation and should never have been part of cheney's.
        but edwards is a good debater.  cheney is old and fat and lazy and was never all that swift to start with. as long as edwards takes possession of the ball, cheney will flounder about waving his 'talking points' and fall back on his perennial sneer and craven predictions.
        are we downhearted? NO!

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