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    1. Some of what Lakoff is saying is not new nor is it news to many.  One is the point about how bills are named or positions named.  Assault Weapons Ban is a pro-Democratic name; Death Tax is a pro-Republican name.  While not new, Lakoff is still a valuable resource; he also perceives an understanding of all these issues that I haven't seen yet.  Good news if the Dems have actually hired them.  

    2. Another important book to read is Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction, and Democracy by Kathleen Hall Jamieson.  It's an old book (pub. 1992), but many of its lessons are completely relevant to today.  The book discusses a lot about what's wrong with the press and how to work the press.  There's a historical bent to it.  In it, I also learned that the Reagan campaign leaked false information to Bob Novak that Carter had dispatched his legal counsel to Geneva to arrange a "deal to exchange American hostage for military equipment vital to the Iranain war effort agianst Iraq."  So the Republicans using Bob Novak to leak "information" for political purposes is not new. When does this man get thrown in jail, and when will he stop being called a journalist?  Someone take his column away from him!

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