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  •  It goes both ways (none)
    It isn't that simple.  Two phenomena I find with OVERWHELMING frequency on the conservative side are A) arrogance, and B) hypocrisy.  (Which is why I'm so hostile when I observe either among liberals -- I don't want it ANYWHERE.)

    An example of arrogance, in context.  Conservatives aren't opposed to "community", within their own frame.  In fact, "community" is much more a tangible thing in rural, conservative areas.  In the cities I live, it's amazing if you're on speaking terms with your own neighbors.  After all, everyone moves every couple years, so what's the point in making the effort?  On the other hand, small-town communities can get quite close-knit.  The breakdown isn't that conservatives oppose community; they oppose TEAMWORK.  Prevailing concepts are hostile rumormill, family shame, "blame the victim".  Social cures are just invasions into private matters they'd rather keep secret -- with good reason.  These close-knit communities are openly cordial, but can be saturated with downright hostility boiling just below the surface.  Every family has a bad apple, and no family is forgiving of others.

    Thus, the bad apples get suppressed, introducing HYPOCRISY.  Domestic abuse?  Private matter.  Family abuse?  Don't ask, don't tell.  Any victim speaks up, even a small child, and they're INSTANTLY stigmatized with jaw-dropping hostility.  It sickens me how the "family values" crowd can show such active hatred and disregard for their own so-called "loved ones".  No, it's not as simple as rhetoric.  It's that hypocrisy and denail are so crucial to keeping "family values" conservatives' heads from exploding that facing difficult truths (like voting for a moron) get through to them like spitballs against a brick wall.

    •  Note my subject line is off (none)
      I was going to write about liberal rhetoric, which is also an issue.  But I wound up getting bogged down in conservative hypocrisy and arrogance.  I'd seen far too much of it lately to let them off the hook.
    •  Community of conservatives (none)
      In a sense, the conservatives do form a functional community, where all of them - top advisors, funders, RNC, pundits, "fair and balanced" media, blogers... - effectively support each other in the pursuit of one goal - winnng for more years. In this direction, they incarnate the communist phrase "From everyone according to abilities, to everyone according to needs" just perfectly ;-]

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