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  •  Continuing the Riff (4.00)
    Also, comparing Bush's thinking to "strict" is giving him way too much credit, and still yielding to their frame too much.  We can fight against their frame without giving them more credit than they deserve:

    It's the difference between wisdom, and dogma.  The difference between leadership, and bullying.  The difference between leading inclusively, and going it alone.  It's the difference between the wisdom of a king, and the actions of a tyrant.

    At this point it really isn't about nurturing, it's about reclaiming.  The revolution is already mostly over; they've almost won.  These opportunities that we're trying to advocate aren't things that we're trying to create, they are things that already exist that are rightfully ours.  They are being taken away little by little, and what it keeps on coming back to is that it is unfair.  The other side keeps trying to screw us, over and over again, and it's up to us to show the other people that it is happening, because I can only protect myself by convincing others to protect themselves as well.  I'm not putting my neighbors needs ahead of my own.  I'm not trying to nurture anyone above myself.  It's about basic fairness, protecting what's mine, about finding leaders wise enough to see this, and about the Golden Rule.

    As far as foreign policy, Bush's side doesn't really have to do with the strict father model, either.  What really happened is that they simply went berserk, left the house to beat up someone with the same last name as an attacker, while leaving all the doors to the house unlocked.  They sacrificed protection for a raw display of power.  They weren't strict.  They were so weak that they lost their cool and put us at risk.

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