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  •  Newness is wrong question (none)
    Its not "new" -- or even "novel" -- after all, folks like me can consciously or subconsciously come up with these sorts of things for a "democratic 'branding'" e.g.:

    Equal Opportunty.
    Economic Justice.
    Affordable Healthcare.
    Fiscal Responsibility.
    Security through co-operation.
    One America.
    One World.
    Caretakers for our children.

    It is important, though, because NO ONE IS LISTENING.  With the exception of Dean, no one really played this up in the primaries from a Democrat-Republican standpoint (not surprisingly, since Lakoff was highly regarded by Dean, with whom he consulted).

    Kerry did to a certain degree with this "I am a hero and only a hero can stand up to Bush" -- but that's not really the general election strategy that Lakoff is talking about. It was a "Bush lite" strategy that used the Daddy Party themes. (for better or worse, folks rejected -- explicitly or implicitly -- Dean's notion that "you can't beat George Bush by being 'Bush Lite'")

    If you want to see an example of it, look more to John Edwards -- who says it explicitly (there are "two worlds") but look to it better packaged in Barack Obama's convention keynote address.

    Ideas don't need to be "new" to win.  We can win with "old" ideas if they are properly executed.

    We aren't "reinventing the wheel here."  But we also can't stubbornly reject using the wheel because its not a "new" idea.

    P.S.  (note to the whole post, not really a "response") Interesting, isn't it, that Lakoff suggested a move away from "issue politics" and towards a "movement" and that is exactly what Dean's campaign was branded -- a "movement."

    •  The debate should be framed no Justice and Freedom (none)

      Justice sounds strong enough and relates to the war on terror while at the same time allows you to turn this around to fight for social Justice and or economic Justice.

      Freedom is Freedom and this is something a republican or a democrat would want. Generic terms can be manipulated to play both sides.

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