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  •  Missed Opportunity (none)
    As long as we let them frame the debate, Dems will continue to lose ground. A perfect opportunity was the Cokie Roberts' profile of Edwards on NPR this morning. Out comes the "trial lawyer" meme, of course. She sweetly points out that DeLay called them "parasites" on the floor of the house last week.

    Edwards launches into "I'm proud of the work I've done for the kind of good people I grew up with in North Carolina, blah blah blah."

    HE SHOULD REFRAME TRIAL LAWYERS AND TORT REFORM! Right now all people are hearing is the positive side of tort reform - elimination of frivolous lawsuits. And Edwards played THEIR game by saying "we'll eliminate frivolous lawsuits by having a committee of doctors certify before it goes to trial" or some such. More "Me Too" politics.

    NO!!!!!!! He needs to talk about the callous and profit-driven corporations who ruin the lives of ordinary, hardworking people and then will not take RESPONSIBILITY. People need to hear examples like the "Jacuzzi case" which literally made me ill when I read it in his book. He could say that trial lawyers have the guts to take on evildoers, make them do the right thing, and even punish them for being bad, which are all things "daddies" do.

    With all the corporate scandals, the time is right. Maybe he could also talk about how we have to be careful with tort reform because it means GOVERNMENT stepping in to take power away from PEOPLE in order to help BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES, which despite their WHINING make VERY healthy profits every year.

    Whichever argument is most effective should be made, sharpened, and repeated over and over.

    Great post, Kos. This is how we take back the power and stop feeling like victims.


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