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    DavidHW, shayshay

    Sen Jim Webb also talked (its mentioned in the Huff Po recently) about how Scots Irish people of Appalachia have a chip on their shoulder for not having moved up the economic ladder and they think they have not moved up because of affirmative action, where apparently blacks got preference at the expense of rural whites.

    This case is so revolting I am gonna puke.

    First of all, working class Appalachia folks love being pandered to, while their water and food and economic prosperity has been poisoned by successive administrations, be it Republicans or Democrats. and yet they seem to believe that somehow affirmative action and the progressive movement as a whole is responsible for their current predicament. if they really woke up and smelled the coffee they would have realized that almost every disadvantaged group in the US has been screwed while also being pandered to. Its people like the Clinton's and Bush's, not African Americans, who donned this phoney working class shtick when visiting that region, performing dog and pony shows for the masses, getting their votes and then abandoning them.

    Instead of stewing in their own anger and resentment about what some group did to them centuries ago, maybe they should follow Jim Webb and get an education instead of being so proud about their own ignorance and "salt of the earth" ways. if they decide to come out of the woods and do something for themselves, I can guarantee then they won't be denied the kind of opportunities that still elude African Americans because they have a black name or skin. No one will confuse them for a minority, because the last time I checked Scots Irish people were still considered white.

    "eeyeah Hi..eeyeah..Id like you to go ahead and support Obama" Bill Lumbergh-Office Space

    by girlyman on Fri May 23, 2008 at 06:09:46 AM PDT

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      I'm from Appalachia's heart, West Virginia. Born there. Grew up there. Got the hell out as soon as I could. Why? Not because I was surrounded by ignorance. But because I was surrounded by people fiercely proud to be that way.

      This is why the smart money's on forever writing off this wretched region. The nexus of conservative Christianity, rural living, and feelings of political inferiority creates a fetishization of "simple values" -- i.e., no interest in the greater world, no interest in exploring new ideas, no interest in moving beyond the cloying clannishness of "decent folk". The majority are just goddamn stupid.

      Obama/Sebelius 2008!

      by DavidHW on Fri May 23, 2008 at 06:28:50 AM PDT

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