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    Hi, I'm John and I posted in this diary for the first time last week, about my carriage barn, but I also like it here and I want to offer my help. I have been a fixit guy all my life, and have done everything from small engines to motors to tools to computers and electronics, to any kind of appliance you can think of, and even million dollar production machines - I either designed it, built it, rebuilt it, installed it, wired it, or repaired it. I was also a professional painter, welder, and steamfitter, as well as carpenter, roofer, plumber, and electrician - oh, and auto mechanic too. In fact, it's almost easier to list what I HAVEN'T done! If anyone has a question about something and they can't get a good answer on here, or just plain need a little more advice, write to my yahoo email and I'll do my best to give you a straight answer, or tell you I can't help. Either way, feel free to ask!

    Now, I had this same stove problem happen years ago, where the light stays on after you turn the burner off - plus the spark you got, and you need to look at three things - the burner element, the controls, and the wiring. If the element was bad, it would probably just stop heating, but the spark you saw was most likely a bad contact where it plugs in under the cooktop. Use a flashlight to examine that jack, and also look at the ends of the burner element; if there is any pitting of the metal contacts, black scorch marks, or melted metal, replace it! Same goes for the other three - if one goes, the others may be going, depending on how often you use them; we all tend to use one more than all the others, right?

    Next, the control; often this is more than just the dial. Look for a "block diagram" in the manual, or even glued on the back of the stove; it should show a wiring diagram, as well as list part numbers and the stove model number. Figure out what parts make up the controls for that burner if you can; at this point you may decide it needs a repairman, or that you can do it yourself, either way, you'll have to know exactly what parts are involved.

    Onve you know which parts are involved, and that may include the burner element, the "dial" (actually a twist control module), and any relays, wires, or parts inside the stove itself, go to The Repair Clinic, and see if you can find them. I have bought from there before, and they are great for prices, quality, and helpful photos and diagrams for most items. Another spot I trust is Appliance Parts Pros, same thing. I rebuilt my dryer and stove last year, and having a place that can show you photos AND diagrams is great!

    Now, remember to carefully check all four element jacks; that may be why this one burned out. (As they age they get hot, it increases resistance, and that makes more heat, and so on, until it begins to pit and spark) Also look at the very tips of the element ends for pitting and melting - same thing. Make sure you try the other burners for proper functioning before you make a list and order parts - it's not much more time to do all four instead of just one, but it's a lot of work to go back and have to do it all again...

    I hope this helps, and invite you to submit requests for advice to me, either here or directly by email. I'll do whatever I can to help out.

    Now, for an update on my own projects; my buddy and I cut up his deck framing this week, and I got 4 good 2x12x11ft and 10 decent 2x8x11ft PT lumber lengths, so that's enough to do my barn, and rebuild my cellar stairs, but I think I'll finish my entry porch and do my 3 step outside cellar entry first. Yes, I'll take pix as someone suggested, and keep you posted on my progress. I like the way you all chip in to try and help out, and hope I can be of service as well!

    "The first duty of government is to protect the powerless against the powerful."
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    by CodeTalker on Sat May 24, 2008 at 12:27:44 PM PDT

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      and thanks for your help.  While I have been a handy guy for most of my life, and figured out my share of machines, there's a whole lot of stuff I don't know, for the simple reason that there is a lot TO know. I am delighted to have so many co-collaborators in this little blog service, a small part of this "community" thing that Daily Kos has become.

      There is a standing offer, to any of our participants who feel qualified, to post/host any Saturday morning, and, indeed, sometimes I have called out for a substitute to post when I won't be able to, or my net goes down (I'm very rural).

      While the blog has been my thing, I don't feel terribly proprietorial about it, and it wouldn't work without the "ad hoc cadre of professionals and gifted amateurs" that shares expertise and encouragement. All of you are welcome to take a shift and start whatever discussion/topic you wish, with my blessings.  Just email me (click on my name) and let me know.

      Thanks again, to you, and to everyone who participates at whatever level.

      don't always believe what you think...

      by claude on Sat May 24, 2008 at 01:16:13 PM PDT

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