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  •  It is imperative that Obama (9+ / 0-)

    first and foremost, choose a President. Not a VP candidate--a President. A known, vetted figure who will instantly be recognized as being ready to ascend to the highest office in an instant. He has no time to waste on eliminating even the small amount of doubt about prospects like Sebelius or Strickland.

    To me, that means the short list is limited to:

    My top three:

    But...if either is ruled out or rules himself out, then my number 3 choice (actually my fave) is:

    1. Christopher Dodd: Uber-competent, Irish Catholic, trustworthy, laser-sharp fast-talker, virtually gaffe-free. Great chemistry. Top-shelf attack dog. Fluent in Spanish. Champion of the Constitution. Brings necessary metabolism and urgency; his general sharp, fiery mien complements Obama's cool reserve perfectly, but with none of Webb's awkwardness. Like Clinton, recites policy in his sleep. Like Biden or Clinton, eminently ready on Day One. Will likely solidify MA and NH support. Has two young daughters similar in age to Malia and Sasha.

    Downsides: Senator; loss of CT Senate seat; no potential for continued leadership post-Obama.

    I see Dodd as an anti-Cheney: he can go in with the explicit portfolio of restoring the Constitution, and destroying the structural framework of the unitary executive. Given his institutional knowledge and respect, he can completely realign the lines of power and communication among each branch of government, and with a great AG help rebuild the necessary walls between politics, policy, and prosecution. In essence, he and Obama will reassemble what John Dean rightfully calls our "Broken Government."

    re his Senate seat: he is fairly firm that he is resigning in 2010 anyway. So if he's the choice, I say he resigns his seat upon accepting his place on the ticket. This would allow Gov. Rell to appoint a temporary replacement, but the next special election would be on Nov. 4. I think Ned Lamont would have no trouble ramping up a new Senate run within 30 days of Dodd's resignation, and his numbers against an actual Republican would be very strong.

    •  I love Chris Dodd (0+ / 0-)

      If I thought the election was a sure thing, I might be cheerleading Dodd or Biden.  I just don't see (as of today) how either helps with increasing Obama's vote total. I also like Dodd for any cabinet role.

      Donate to the ACLU. Stand Up for Justice In The Military Commissions Proceedings

      by Valhalla on Mon May 26, 2008 at 10:01:46 AM PDT

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