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View Diary: The Electromagnetic Spectrum III - Shorter Lambda than FM (61 comments)

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    sigh. While it's true that any polar molecule will try to follow the field it is not necessarily true that the molecule will heat up the material it is a part of. That happens if the resonant modes also couple efficiently to absorption of energy. If not you will get elastic scattering instead.

    Good article, Translator. Too much science is left to the "clergy" (people with 3 letters after the name) when in fact we all need to know it. But one little clarification, if I may (Wikipedia makes the same mistake, BTW). Rotation is only a good quantum number in the gas phase. In liquids and some solids rotation is constrained and the corresponding term is libration (don't confuse that with the astronomical term of the same name), which is a rocking or rattling in a nearest neighbor cage. In crystals neither rotation nor vibration are good quantum numbers, the modes there are phonon modes, which are really coupled vibrations involving the whole crystal.

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