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View Diary: I like dictatorship! And so do you, if you know what's good for you! (179 comments)

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  •  Agreed: Need to Reframe the Debate, but... (0+ / 0-)

    I don't support waterboarding, or illicit dictatorial "oppression" by our government, even toward the Right.

    However, it is clear that we do need to reverse the present paradigm, from  illegitimate suppression of all who oppose the right wing reactionary conservative proto-fascist regime, to legitimate suppression of all who support it.

    The only way this can be done in a just and principled constitutional manner is democratically, by an overwhelming popular democratic mandate.

    Only an overwhelming super-majority of more or less progressive Democrats will be able to withstand sabotage of any such effort by Republican (and Blue Dog) oppositionalism.

    We need to explicitly call off the present boycott of elections in the US, and turn out a truly massive voter turnout, ongoing, for the explicit purpose of effectively purging the Right from all levers of power, at all levels, from top to "bottom", democratically.

    Enough of the pandering "bi-partisan" bullshit!  Forget about the "swing voters", that tiny sliver of the electorate who are too stupid or unprincipled to make up their minds between the Democrats and Republicans!

    Some 40 to 50% of the voting age population have been consistently refusing to vote, year after year. That's who we need to appeal to, and mobilize!

    We need more than more of the same tired old rah rah "get out the vote" jive that, even now, only serves to increase voter registration and turnout by a few percentage points.  We need a much more explicit and aggressive all out campaign to call off the boycott of elections.

    The class enemy has openly declared, and is waging all out war on us, right now, already.  We have to face this harsh, cold reality with resolution and determination, and engage the enemy, on all fronts, in all arenas, especially the electoral.

    Otherwise, we'll continue to face the same kind of Brownshirt domestic terrorism that so vividly characterized the Carter and Clinton administrations, openly calling for and actively seeking to provoke "revolution" (counter-revolutionary civil war).

    Right wing extremist elements have now had many years to continue stockpiling arms, including weapons of mass destruction, and are, even now, fervently organizing, recruiting and training underground, including infiltration of the military for combat experience, to slaughter "sand niggers" and rip off weapons, ammo and equipment.

    They have been laying low under Bush, more or less, but we can expect them to come out of the woodwork again big time, when the Democrats sweep the next national elections.  Hate radio is already starting to rachet up the rhetoric to previous levels.

    Either we round up all these anti-democratic traitors and take them out, or they will eventually do it to us (see the post below, re: Suspension Clause...)

    We can, and must do this in a more principled, humane, just  and legitimate democratic manner than they would ever bother to worry about toward us, but we must do it.

    It's important to note that Hitler's rise to power did not occur overnight.  A long period of Brownshirt terrorism decimated and demoralized the ranks of the opposition, over time, with tacit approval, and more or less open, or surrepticious, support from more "legitimate" Right wing politicians, clergy, media and capitalists.

    This, in conjunction with refusal by many various sectarian elements of the Left to unite, even tactically, behind the most viable liberal bourgeois politicians, to block the Right from power, ushered in Hitler (and the Nixon, Reagan and Bush regimes), by default.

    Today, in the US, we still have too many such absolutist idealist "Leftists" who are so busy vying for sectarian hegemony, attacking liberal bourgeois politicians, and calling for boycott of the elections "on principle", that the Republicans have tended to prevail in maintaining sufficient plurality to thwart any real progress.

    We have to recognize that COINTELPRO is alive and well, infiltrating and manipulating the movement every way that they can, from provoking the more radical extremist "direct actions" of the environmental movement and "anarchist" protesters,  to fostering and encouraging an all-too prevalent general cynicism that deliberately and explicitly turns people away from the polls, in favor of ridiculous posturing demonstrations of useless angst and despair.

    Futile gestures of protest and defiance are...futile.  

    The only thing that is going to turn things around is an overwhelming, indisputable popular democratic mandate for justice and peace, to save the planet.

    While, on the one hand, this will be dangerous, in that it is sure to provoke all the more hysterical and draconian rhetoric and actions on the part of the Right wing extremists, and will, no doubt, further precipitate their inevitable attempts to provoke all-out civil war, the biggest danger is in the reluctance of many elements of the Left to recognize the urgent need to unite, and to thoroughly suppress the counter-revolution, if we are to avoid disaster.

    Democracy is the most revolutionary concept...

    Call Off the Electoral Boycott!

    All Power to the People!

    •  So we're either with you or against you? (1+ / 0-)
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      I agree with some of what you are saying... but I think you are over the top when you assert:

      Enough of the pandering "bi-partisan" bullshit!  Forget about the "swing voters", that tiny sliver of the electorate who are too stupid or unprincipled to make up their minds between the Democrats and Republicans!

      Stupid is a remediable problem.  You didn't mention "scared", but I think that is another confusion factor that can be worked through.

      Rather than frame this as a revolution by one side of the two party system, why not frame it as a rebuke by a broad coalition of different views and agendas of the totalitarian actions of the administration?  I think that is a much bigger tent.  I can agree with you that the current administration is an utter disgrace without necessarily embracing all aspects of progressive democratic values (I'm on board with most of them, but have some reservations).

      The tragic thing about "get out the vote" is that the lunatic right figured out how to do it faster and better than the progressive left.

      Ross Perot said something I really liked at the end of a speech once (paraphrasing):

      Whether you agree with me or not, educate yourselves about the issues and vote.  The people abusing power hate it when that happens.

      The "center" is not a bunch of lunatics or passive morons.  The center worries about the extremes of either side.  As correctly as you have nailed some of the issues, better to frame your argument as an alliance with the center against the extreme right than a war between left and right.

      Impeachment, it's not just for blow jobs anymore

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