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View Diary: 5 p.m. PDT Daily Open Obama V.P. Thread #14: Elimination Round Six (w/poll) (43 comments)

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    1. Taxes - Has consistently said he does not favor tax cuts on those making more than $75,000 a year, and supports increasing inheritance taxes (as well as cigarette and gasoline taxes).
    1. He's pro-death penalty. That's a deal breaker for us now?
    1. On crime, he has supported additional funding for job training for prisoners more than once, and has fought racial profiling.
    1. Abortion - "I am pro-choice because I feel this is a deeply personal choice that the government should not be involved in. I do oppose late-term abortions unless the woman's life is in danger."
    1. You're going to need links on things like "seems to treat all drugs like they are meth", since as far as I can tell, he treats meth like its meth.

    Keep in mind he is working with a legislature that is more conservative than you'd find in 45 out of 50 states.

    He is also pro-environment, pro-affirmative action, anti-war, and has greatly increased funding for education and healthcare programs in Oklahoma.

    He is certainly not to the right of current VP frontrunner Jim Webb.

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