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  •  dude, you are thinking too much (1+ / 0-)
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    it is just part of our culture.  You could ask why a firm handshake is considered respectful, or looking someone in the eye when speaking etc. etc.  Is there anthing "inherently" disrespectful about an extended middle finger?  But if you do it too many times, to too many people, it will turn out badly :)

    •  Well, the origin of the handshake... (0+ / 0-)

      ...comes from a symbolic gesture to reveal an open hand, and thus not a hand holding a weapon.  I've never heard of any such origin of the removal of a hat beyond a "some people say" sort of explanation, which is not good enough.  I'm sorry for using/expecting thought when it comes to mass tribalistic behavior rituals.

      •  that is fine, but my point stands, you can take (0+ / 0-)

        it too far.  This reminds me of the Bill Cosby be joke about how intellectuals go to study things that regular people do naturally.  

        Have you ever heard about men removing hats when they sit down to dinner in a restaurant?  Now days many don't do that, but go back a few decades and all men did it, and a lot more of them wore hats back then.

        If you want a historic example, and probably for some a stronger reason to oppose the custom, it likely comes from the military rule of removing your "cover" when entering a building.

        Hey, if you want to analyze and resist things that are harmless cultural norms, then go for it.  It would be a good Masters thesis for someone.

        •  It hardly feels too far to wonder why... (0+ / 0-)

          ...this gesture is so damn important to everyone (despite them not having any basis for wanting it beyond they like to enforce traditional behavior) when everyone acts like you're spawn of Satan for not doing it.  So, it's hardly harmless to choose to leave your hat on at such moments if it brings upon you the scorn of the people around you.

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