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View Diary: Teh ultimate vice presidential candidate pool (58 comments)

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    Tarantula Lady, Hobbitfoot

    Princess Leia-
    Pros: lots of foreign policy experience, has executive experience, understand the military mind.  Cons: Those cinnamon bun hairdos are a magnet for critique from the fashion police.

    The Flying Nun- Pros: Catholic vote in the bag, gets stuff done while looking innocent as hell, and she attracts conservative voters.   Cons: Naive act gets tiresome.

    Scarlett O'Hara- Pros: conniving, resourceful, doesn't know how to give up.  Cons: lacks loyalty, selfish, doesn't know when to give up

    Rooster Cogburn-
    Pros: strong, principled and ready to get after cattle rustlers.  Cons: drinks too much, needs to bathe more often, not very diplomatic.

    Mr. Spock- Pros: always reaches the logical conclusion, blisteringly intelligent, cool in a crisis.  Cons: perceived as cold, lacks sense of humor, acts like he has a stick up his butt.

    Bugs Bunny- Pros: smart, witty, and fast on his feet.  Cons: pictures of him in drag will come back to haunt him, will be more inclined to eat carrots attached to sticks than use them for intended diplomatic purposes.  

    This was fun... I could do this all night!

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