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  •  My Letter to Brokaw (none)
    I'm writing to request that you cover recent statements made by Grover Norquist in an interview with the Spanish paper

    here is the link to the spanish paper

    and here is a key quote I first found cited on the webblog

     When asked about if he thought Democratic Party was coming to an end Norquist told Pablo Pardo of El Mundo:
     "Yes, because in addition their demographic base is shrinking.  Each year, 2 million people who fought in the Second World War and lived through the Great Depression die. This generation has been an exception in American history, because it has defended anti-American policies.  They voted for the creation of the welfare state and obligatory military service. They are the base of the Democratic Party. And they are dying. And, at the same time, all the time more Americans have stocks. That makes them defend the interests of business, because it is their own interest. Because of that, it's impossible to bring to the fore policies of social hate, of class warfare."

    As an appreciative reader of Mr. Brokaw's book "The Greatest Generation" and the proud grandson of diverse members this generation - people of different faiths, different wartime service, and different political affiliations, I can't begin to describe my outrage and bewilderment at Mr. Norquist words.  He's wrong in so many ways I don't know where to start and I think he should be asked to further explain to the American public just what it was he was trying to tell the people of Spain about our nation in this interview.

    Thank You
    it's simple if you ignore the complexity's real world "sig"

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