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    ...the only reason this fallacy is so effective is because people are so bad at recognizing and refuting it (and fallacies in general, it seems).  I swear, this country/world would be so much better if a basic "Logic" class was right up there with "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic" in elementary school curriculum (though these days even the latter three are often neglected).

    Rather than resorting to the same fallacy, we should go out there and confront them when they do it.  I see rightist pundits get away with fallacies and arguments by assertion and intimidation far too often.  Those who do confront them often do it on their terms (e.g. on shows they control) and hence can't do it effectively.  The key is to do it on fair terms and do it consistently.  On a daily basis, if you talk to random people about politics, you should try and clearly point out when somebody is being illogical.

    I'm not trying to be a Vulcan here, but I honestly think this is important to improving our society.  The best way to deal with pigs (the rightist pundits) isn't to get down there in the mud with them and wrestle them, but to come up with an intelligent solution (a pen or something, I don't know this analogy is a bit strained but I think you get my point).  Rather than "debates" we should strive for "dialogues" - rather than use their flawed devices, we should refute them and use our own.  We can't beat them through mimickry, as they're better at what they do than we would be.

    "Don't fight with a moron - they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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