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  •  its a top down organization and the top is dirty (2+ / 0-)

    just look at general betrayus. Listen to all the pompous upper-ranks telling you that the 'surge' is working. Which also lets me make a point about mccsame. He said in his 'foriegn policy' speech today, after being heckled like the idjit he is, "I will never accept defeat in Iraq" (or something very similiar) to the cheers of the idjits in the crowd. Won't someone please tell him we already won the war, that was over in week 2. We are in an occupation now, not a war. Can't he tell the difference? We aren't there for security over here...something about oil is my guess. Someone tell mccsame that the war is over. The war is over. Back to your theme, OPOL, the officer cadre is infiltrated, corrupted, and organized. Think who all the military lobbyists are, and the pentagon propagandists??? ex-officers. What else, the christian embassy or some such shit, remember in the pentagon? I heard that the AirForce cadre sold out first, religious pagans now in. Army wasn't too far behind. There are exceptions of course. Such as the Mideast CIC, who said Iran not on my watch, who was sacked for speaking out against the corruption. and all the officer vets who speak out here. The first Army general who said we needed 400,000 troops to do it right. But the corporate/military industrial RICO is still in charge at this moment in time.Think what we could do if we took the military budget and built roads, schools, hospitals, fed everybody? We'd still have money left over. But certain segments of our society wouldn't be rich. And 'they' continue behind the curtain. Fantastic diary OPOL!!!!!!

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