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  •  Innovation... (1+ / 0-)
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    lgmcp often frowned upon by the old guard -- it's the nature of progressive ideology vs. conservative, new polling outfits vs. old ones, and blogs vs. traditional media.

    But it often proves to be superior, too.

    •  absolutely opposed to automated calling. (0+ / 0-)

      It takes from 7 - 10 seconds to hang up successfully on a call that won't hang up on you.  If you don't wait for the full length of time needed, the unwanted call is still there.  This can go on for a good minute or longer.

      As such, those calls have the potential to interfere with emergency use of the telephone.  

      The only way robocalling will ever be acceptable is if

      a) telcos provide "called party control" that lets you hang up for 1 - 2 seconds to successfully get a new dial tone,

      b) a national standard is provided and enforced by FCC to enable called persons to press the # button to cause the calling party's automated system to disconnect immediately, and

      c) means are provided by the telcos at no added charge, to enable people such as night-shift workers (who sleep during daytime hours) to have automated call screening that requires callers to dial a specified digit in order to get through.  ("This is 510-555-2368, we don't take calls from telemarketers, if you are a family member, friend, or co-worker, and your call is urgen,t press 2 to get through, otherwise please leave a message...")

      Personally what I would like to do is use an EMP device on the manufacturers of those robocalling systems, to melt every piece of computerised equipment in their offices into puddles of goo.  However that would probably be illegal.

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