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View Diary: My Grandfather Fought in WWII . . . on the Other Side (175 comments)

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    I also had a grandfather who was a German soldier who fought on both fronts of the war.  He was fortunate that the American soldiers he ran into gave him the opportunity (10 minutes) to go "get his friends" wherein, he understood they were letting him go home to his family, as the war was soon to be over. He traveled by foot from France back home.

    As a youth, I wondered what would drive a country to allow such genocide to occur.  Now I see quite clearly how it happens, with guantanamo as an example of the US inching closer to that reality.  Just replace the Jews with Muslims, and you see the fear and hatred building that could lead us to a similar reality.  I find it quite chilling.

    Knowing the shame Germany has had to forebear, I do not want to see my homeland follow a similar path as my ancesters' homeland.

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