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  •  The only Semites the nazis had a problem with... (3+ / 0-)
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    Geenius at Wrok, Sharon in MD, Philpm

    were the Jewish kind.  They had good relations with the Arabs, even had a few of them serve in Waffen SS units, and the Iraqi's nearly joined the axis.  They also did not have a major problem with non Arab Moslems, they had a number of Bosnian Moslem Waffen SS units.

    I wish I had the link handy but it is on my desktop machine and I have to replace the graphics card on it; but there is an excellent site on the web that details the number of foreigners that joined the German army either directly or through the Waffen SS.

    As I recall the Arab numbers were in the low thousands or high hundreds, not quite enough to form their own unit.  But they also had a large number or East Indians (I think the unit is better known as the Indian National army), they fought with the Japanese but were recruited and trained by the Germans though some did stay in Europe and fought with the Germans as well.  And they had as many as 2 million former Soviet citizens fighting for them at any given point (though Hitler was not keen on that and people took great steps to keep him in the dark which prevented even more from serving), including a huge number of Cossacks.

    And to add to the twistedness of it all it wasn't even ALL Jews... sure 99.992% of them but for a few Hitler himself would right out passes making them exempt/protected.  Nothing quite as evil as an inconsistent sick puppy...

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