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View Diary: My Grandfather Fought in WWII . . . on the Other Side (175 comments)

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  •  call me an elitist if you want, (0+ / 0-)

    but I think you should know what you are talking about if you decide to spout judgment on others.

    The first round of defendants at Nuremberg were the ringleaders and enablers of a war of aggression, and of enough of the horrors that followed from that. The next ones were people with direct responsibility for horrible atrocities.

    No one was prosecuted for going to war when 'mobilized', a word of which you have no firsthand experience, something for which you should be grateful.

    But maybe I am wrong. Maybe, if only you had been around to post a couple of diaries and set up a meetup back then, then the whole carnage would have been avoided...

    Sounds like, even on daily kos itself, some people consider the soldiers who are guilty of believing they were saving Germany by putting on a uniform back then (and now), as told by their 'leaders', are considered as responsible as the 'leaders' themselves. Then we are witnessing yet more damage done by the republican age.

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