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  •  I'm sure HRC is crying herself to sleep (0+ / 0-)

    over Pfleger's comedy routine.  

    The level of sanctimony over this crap is getting unbearable.  

    •  Sanctimony? (0+ / 0-)

          Dude, wake up and smell the branding. Enlightened progressives may not care about Sen. Obama's life before Iowa, but I guarantee you that much of America will. He needs to be pre-disastered for the next uncontrollable outbreak of ungodly and unseemly tripe that will emerge from this unstable group.

         I want a Democratic President every bit as badly as you do. Drinking Kool Aid does not put Obama in the White House...

    •  I"ll go look for the video (0+ / 0-)

      but was PFleger more or less scathing than SNL, I have no ethical standards, my supporters are racist, etc?

      •  Good point (0+ / 0-)

          However, Sen. Obama is not the most visible member of the SNL production team, is he? You do understand that he is still a member of that Church, right?

          You don't think severing ties might help with the inevitable next Trinity related outbreak?

        •  my understanding is (0+ / 0-)

          just fine.  That Church.  Yes, I understand.

          And Father Pfleger isn't a member of that Church and isn't Obama's pastor, Obama doesn't attend Pfleger's church.  

          So a guest priest speaks at Obama's church, when he wasn't present and Obama should now withdraw from that Church.  Because a bunch of Republicans don't like it.  The people who weren't going to vote for him, and who laughed when someone called Hillary a bitch at one of McCain's town halls?  Those people who accused Hillary of murdering Vince Foster, those people?

          Its on the news, being played to the American people, who by and large give Hillary negatives at or near 50%.  The ones who understand perfectly well the dog whistles of 'he's unelectable', 'he can't win hard working americans, white americans', 'he's a christian, as far as I know'.  The Hillary who has arranged a protest to overturn the rules she agreed to in writing.   They are going to be outraged and dismayed about what this white priest said about Hillary.  

          Maybe they will be.  But you don't win by cowering, giving in or throwing everyone you ever knew or associated with under the bus because someone else doesn't like them.

          Its absurd that the press is playing this, and everyone knows why, because the other news would require that they admit they were complicit in every bad thing thats been done to this country in the last eight years.   People know that a bad joke isn't the issue in this campaign.

          Your concern about that Church has been noted.

          •  So by your logic... (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

              Sen. Obama should not have severed ties with Wright. You are aware Sen. Obama severed ties with Rev. Wright, are you not? The same Reverend who told the awful lie about Obama that he is a politician, who will say what he has to say, right?

             Dude, again, not only are you in a state of denial about Sen. Obama's 20 years with Trinity, you are in denial about Sen. Obama's decreased status within his OWN party, not the Republican Party. His numbers are not quite as good as they were before Rev. Wright, are they? I'm not a pollster dude, I sell wine for a living. I can read, however.

             Anyway, point taken. Unless one ascribes to Barack Obama's ability to walk on the surface of water, there is no room for you in the Democratic Party! Luckily for you and Sen. Obama, the Democratic Party does not have a Kool Aid drinking litmus test to vote for their candidate...

            •  and I am not a dude (0+ / 0-)

              nor am I a Kool Aid drinker, but I think I now know wwhere your true sentiments lie, and you are not a disinterested person trying to help Obama.
              The point of Wright brings us right back to my point, Wright was his pastor.  PFleger was not.  Who are we going to shoe on a youtube next week with some tangential connetion to Obama that he must disavow?   Everyone you care to bring up, or people who truly represent his views, and whom he has embraced.  And why is it that disagreeing with the words and disavowing the sentiments behind them is not enough.   Do you have some stupid ritual, does he need to throw salt over his shoulder and turn in three circles to convince Americans that he disagrees?

              I am not in a state of denial.  I am in a state of rational, proportional response.

              Saturday night said bad things about Clinton on TV.  Why not call on him to reject and deny them, he appeared on their program?

              Mellon-Scaife said much worse about Hillary and she accepted his endorsement.  Lets just keep in tune with reality.  Pandering is for the rethugs and the DLC.  You made your stand.  I've made mine, and its not on the side or rethugs and the DLC.

              •  Sorry about the Dude thing... (0+ / 0-)

                  Meant no offense.

                  So, did you see that Obama, in fact, severed his ties with Trinity? Wow! Do I feel vindicated!

                  Lets go get us a Democratic President!!

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