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View Diary: Right-Wing Wackos Try to Hijack Illinois Constitution (16 comments)

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  •  Yes, Bambi's wacky. No, he can't hijack Illinois. (3+ / 0-)
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    peglyn, Randall Sherman, JeffW

    Bambi is but one among many leading various efforts. He's getting some support/help/lending-a-hand from fellow conservative partisan Bruno Behrend and others on various points in order to talk up the idea of a convention.

    With the State Senate having defeated a move to put recall on the ballot, they think they have more ammo with which to pursue a ConCon.

    On the left, Illinois liberal activist Daniel Johnson-Weinberger -- among others -- is part of a ConCon group that started back in 2004. All are welcome to join (and yes, Bambi is a member).

    Have conservative partisans started organizing in anticipation of an Illinois Constitutional Convention? Yes. But given the hurdles involved it's highly unlikely either extreme -- lib or con -- would be able to "hijack" anything.

    Hurdles include: getting voter approval for a ConCon; if approved, having the Dem-controlled legislature decide how to set up a ConCon; creating enough consensus to actually revise (let alone revamp) the state Constitution during any such convention; and finally having the voters then approve (rather than reject) any revised or even rewritten Constitution....

    (c/p Illinois Reason)

    •  Don't worry about this guy. (1+ / 0-)
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      He reminds me of the milk you might buy at the supermarket.  Both of them are at 2%.

      Right-wing kooks can rant all day here in Illinois, but it won't do them a bit a good.  We may approve a Con-con in November (I'll be voting for it), but the delegates that will be elected to the convention will be overwhelmingly Democratic.  

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