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    I'm a 53 yr old white woman who worked for many years in the male-dominated IT industry.  Let me make it perfectly clear that I understand that Sen. Clinton would not be the junior senator from New York except for her time as First Lady in the White House.

    She did not live there until she decided to run and had no ties to NY.  That is not to say that she was not capable of doing the job.  But there were other NY politicians who were all interested who were pushed aside by her candidacy at that time.  A candidacy based not on a legislative record of any kind at all since she had not ever held office but based on the publicity she'd gained as First Lady of the United States -- a position that she got because her husband was the president.

    I give her full credit for reaching out to New Yorkers and working hard to win them over but let's be real clear about what she did and did not earn.

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