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View Diary: The "Protesters" at Saturday's Rules and Bylaw Committee Meeting (198 comments)

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  •  Just returned from DC Rally. (0+ / 0-)

    As a Floridian, and Obama supporter, I was a little disappointed by the turn out for the rally, but overall felt we were heard with regard to recieving fair treatment for getting our delegates seated.

    Our buses and hotel rooms were provided by an anonymous benifactor (although with a little computer digging it was easy to see it was from a Clinton favoring 501c.

    Our local Democratic groups were never told we had to be for one candidate or the other, nor were we given signage for either Clinton or Obama. As a matter of fact we were reminded as Committee members were were to be 'neutral' with our clothing and campaign button choices.

    The bus I came on was lively, filled with mostly black folk and dedicated volunteers from across the board from the Panhandle area. I must admit, those of us die hards did sneak in an Obama button and t-shirt, and may have forced a few Hillary backers to cringe with our DVD selection of Obama speaches on the 20 hour bus ride up.

    On a humorous note to us old dogs, some of our youth group cornered the Black Panther party members present, and traded Florida and candidate themed shirts for something a little more radical and interesting (For the life of me though I can't figure out why the Panthers looked more Latino to me than Black).  

    Over all the trip was great, we voiced our concerns to have ALL of the voters in Florida heard, showed our teens, tweens and 20 somethings who came with us a little bit of the 'political process' and relive a few memories of the great rallys and protests from our youth.

    I know who paid for the trip, what they were trying to accomplish, and am fully aware of the underlying positioning and posturing that was used to push a Clinton favoring adgenda. But the other team was well represented too.

    The decision to comply with the rules and seat the delegates, with half votes was fair and warrented, and irregardless of your choice for a clear nominee, the rally was effective for everyone who wanted their voices heard here in Florida.

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