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View Diary: The "Protesters" at Saturday's Rules and Bylaw Committee Meeting (198 comments)

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  •  NPR isn't really Progressive (2+ / 0-)

    at least they aren't anymore.  They bend over backwards to appear "fair and balanced" (Now where have I heard that?).  
      They are still better than most corporate media but because they depend on government funds they can't tell the whole truth. This is especially true with a republican administration.

    •  Sadly, NPR is an abused woman needing help (0+ / 0-)

      I don't think NPR have become "Nice Polite Republicans".

      Rather,as their very existence is considered a liberal affront to the Republicans and their base, when they respond to the pressure to show both points of view fairly they have to overweight the Repub/Admin point of view.

      Shorter me. They have to treat Dems like sh*t to compensate for their Repub. boss's position that they are made of the same stuff and fair means rolling in your own stuff.

      I have ceased to listen, which makes drive time a bit lonely. I consider them to be the most obviously abused on all the abused citizens that we are.

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