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  •  Preparing writing 100 times Yes I can. Forgive HC (0+ / 0-)

    Having spend the entire afternoon on daily kos. I had celebrated and cried and cried and cried as history happened, one super delegate at a time, with a hundred, a thousand virtual friends.

    The speech was something less than I had hoped for. not because of BO, but because of HC. Her speech so mangled history and truth and math and civility, that I had to make a giant effort to remember that I had earlier fellow Kossacks to let go of our anger(see below). So, if truth be told, I was doodling the entire time on a pad.

    Yes I can. Forgive HC.
    No she can't. Be VP.

    No reason to forget HC's slights to BO ("as far as I can tell" not a Muslim"). Her ambiguous at best words. White Americans, hard working. RFK. Her campaign's assault on logic and mathetmatics: don't matter states. popular vote.

    We owe it to history to remember. But it does not need us to dwell on it endlessly, daily  kossackly, thread after thread. As a historian, I can promise you that Kos's writings, our polls, will be among the historians' sources; our passions and battles a metric of this historic change.

    For those who want 'justice' (metaphorically speaking), remember, unless President Obama decides otherwise, the voters of NYC will be deciding on HC's future. Not us.

    Let it go. I know I am going to try.

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