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  •  If he has canned responses what about this" (none)
    Not addressing him directly; especially if given question about values:

    The presidents entire life has been one of business and personal failure.  The number of failures are stunning and any success was given to him by his father, hi father friends and the Saudis.  As presidnet he was AWOL when we received terrorist threats leading up to 9/11.  Like the rest of his life, he did nothing!  He attacked Afghanistan after 9/11 but any third grader would have.  George Bush lied and continues to lie to the country trick us into a war where almost ten thousand Americans have been either killed or mamed.  He lets kids die because her panders to the religious right and the NRA on stem cells and assault weapons and he is single-handedly destroying the economy in order to give his country club friends windfalls.  Why would anyone think this man has values, honesty or integrity.  I certainly don't!

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