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  •  Excuse me, but I'm having a problem with this (3+ / 0-)
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    Spedwybabs, Neon Mama, wiretransfer

    .... and I know it's satire.

    It's the "White and Pasty" mock slogan.  It's in really poor taste.

    There are, believe it or not, people who are born into families where they are much paler than anyone else, and they catch crap for that, too, from their peer group, they may be ostracized by certain family members, and then they spend their lives being mistaken for Caucasian Americans, which at times horrifies them when a Caucasian American seeks to spiritually commune with them by saying something about ****ers or colored people or ***** or ******, with a wink wink nod nod.

    I haven't any caffeine yet, deal with the grammar, but you get the idea.

    Now, also, as a sort of teaching moment, I wish to remind you as an older female in the demographic that should have been attracted  to HRC, but wasn't, that her demographic is made up of a lot of genuine Caucasian American pale people at this point,
    and they are acutely  aware of the fact that they are so every time they walk down the street and their neighborhood is changing,  or look at the MSM cable news, which runs hours and hours of reality shows about Big Bad Dark Scary Evil Persons In Prison or Being Arrested After Beating A Store Owner on Security Camera and Being Chased By Cops Into Your Neighborhood.

    But do we really want to mock and make fun of people's geniune fears about race,  when they are also being manipulated by the media to feel that way ?  Do we really want to go there ?

    Do you really want to just blow off the concerns and the feelings of the "white person" who feels her "whiteness" makes her vulnerable ?  Because the candidate is not doing it.

    •  Yes, we do want to mock "genuine" fears about (0+ / 0-)

      race, because they are genuinely racism.

      Those fears are the kind of racism that evaluates people based solely or primarily on the color of their skin, and they are the root of the kind of racism that is hatered of people based solely or primarily on the color of their skin.  The harder we work to eliminate the first kind of racism, the quicker we'll eliminate the second kind, to the betterment of our society.  Mockery and satire can be as effective at this as anything.  There are few things like the belittling of an irrational position that can convince the holder of that position s/he is being silly.

      •  Having problems with whitey.... (1+ / 0-)
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        comment executive summary :  "White and pasty" doesn't seem helpful to me.   Funny in a John Stewart 5-years-ago-way, but not as much now.

        JSC -- I agree with you in principle, but not with the idea that the 'white and pasty' slogan is a way to do it. 'White and pasty' strikes me as the kind of humor that white people use with a white audience, which is problematic in the first place (in the context of this campaign).  But it is also language of difference as deficit, playing into various cultural and racial stereotypes. My take on this election is that a significant piece of Obama's candidacy has been about expanding the audience, and being aware of or transcending preconceived ideas (including ideas of race, normality, etc.).
            As far as the 'genuine' fears about race, yes, that's a little tough to parse positively for me as well.  Of course, "race", as we use it, is generally more about culture and appearance than genetics  People do have fears which, given a particular situation and context are sometimes legitimate, sometimes not.  Some of these fears involve perceived race, or people who look different or act "strangely".  A dissertation could follow here, but basically racism is a pathological outgrowth of a normal process of discrimination that serves to protect.
          It makes sense that we as primates have fears about strangeness, and extend fears from one bad encounter with a certain type of creature to fear and loathing of a population of apparently similar creatures.   If we distrust someone or their group, we're probably not going to want to take a closer look.  It's easier to lump them together and stay with what you know.  
            You're also going to ignore disconfirming "evidence" if it comes from a non-trusted source.  If a boa constrictor tells you the lion just wants to play frisbee,  you're not going to go grab your shorts and discs. Substitute Liberals or Not-Fox-News in this example as needed.
            Again, this is normal primate behavior, though in people we might regard it as an unreconstructed view of race, etc..  At a paranoid extreme, it is actually racism, and its gradations are more or less recognizable or nameable as racism or bias.
             OK, that seems like enough words for some minor points.  But, to recap -- "white and pasty" doesn't seem helpful to me.   Funny in a John Stewart 5-years-ago way, but not as much now.

        •  "White and pasty" is definitely not helpful. (0+ / 0-)

          I was responding to the notion that there are "genuine fears" about race that are not essentially racism.

          I agree that our genetically established irrational fears are a part of humanity: the fear of the unkonwn, the fear of the different, the fear of snakes and/or spiders.  These will occur, because they are a part of us and served some important purpose relative to species survivial at a point in our distant past.  However, one of our species's gifts is our ability to reason, and to reject our primal instincts when they are no longer in accord with reality.  I think we should start using reason more, and gut instints a little less when dealing with people who look different.  This is different from evaluating a situation based on others' actions, which is still a legitimate way to go about surviving.

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