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View Diary: A Slogan for John McCain (442 comments)

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  •  Your slogans got reject because... (2+ / 0-)
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    jackieca, CityLightsLover

    there were only 5 of them. You know he needs more than that, at least one for each of the lobbyists suckling on his campaign teat (ugh, I can't believe I wrote that).

    So anyway, some more for his consideration:

    "Maverickness you can believe in"
    "Death bonds express"
    "My fellow Americans and my dear lobbyist friends..."
    "Kicking the asses of Shias... err, Sunnis? err... Al Qaeda?" err... Iran? I know, Democrats!!!"

    And for those with gustatory inclinations:
    "Universal cottage cheese and lime jello for everybody!!!"

    Fun way to start the day.

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