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  •  "White and pasty" is definitely not helpful. (0+ / 0-)

    I was responding to the notion that there are "genuine fears" about race that are not essentially racism.

    I agree that our genetically established irrational fears are a part of humanity: the fear of the unkonwn, the fear of the different, the fear of snakes and/or spiders.  These will occur, because they are a part of us and served some important purpose relative to species survivial at a point in our distant past.  However, one of our species's gifts is our ability to reason, and to reject our primal instincts when they are no longer in accord with reality.  I think we should start using reason more, and gut instints a little less when dealing with people who look different.  This is different from evaluating a situation based on others' actions, which is still a legitimate way to go about surviving.

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