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View Diary: KS-Sen: Baseline poll, solid numbers for Slattery (60 comments)

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  •  Roberts's Negatives (1+ / 0-)
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    aren't high enough. An incumbent needs higher negatives to be threatened. Roberts only has a 35% disapproval rating according to Survey USA:

    The incumbent Senators who were unseated in 2006 all had disapprovals above their approvals. For Roberts to lose, Slattery will have to go into Election day well ahead in the polls because the undecideds will break for the devil they know.

    •  There is a way we can push them up (0+ / 0-)

      One of the things that is a super-hot issue in KS right now is why Boeing didn't get the tanker contract.  A major reason is that Roberts & Brownback co-sponsored a bill a few years ago that allowed planes to be purchased by the military when the primary suppliers for parts were headquartered outside the US.  Boeing is still one of the major employers in Wichita, despite having sold off most of their civilian aircraft production facilities there.  Wichita was counting on Boeing landing the tanker contract to assure jobs stayed in town.  

      Right now, no one has pushed the fact that Mr That-Contract-Should-Be-Ours! is partially responsible for Boeing not getting the contract. If aircraft workers find out that he may have been involved in what cost them their jobs, they'll be a deciding factor in kicking him out of office.  

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